Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bear broke his left toe

Bear broke his left front toe on Saturday. He was playing in the backyard with his brothers and sisters and probably did it then. You know how puppies are.
Bear is home and he is doing well. We now have to take him out on the leash in the backyard to potty and for walks. No running for awhile pup. It was tough when we got home cause our others where so glad to see him.
So, I had to hold on tight on the leash and Lincoln and Suzy where out doing crazy zoomies in the yard, I was holding Bear back cause of course he wanted to join and Milky, she was more interested in chewing on some green grass.
The rest of the evening, Bear has been chewing on rawhide. He loves this so this kept him occupied. They all got some rawhide and it was actually quiet for a bit.

Here are some pictures of Bear.


Everything Greyhounds Blog said...

Bear is coming along very well. We are now on week 2.

Everything Greyhounds Blog said...

Bear's toe is all healed now.