Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heat Wave

We are in our third day of our heat wave. Temperatures near 100 degrees. The humidity is about 80%. It feels very wet and the sun is very hot. Staying indoors alot but in the evening a nice breeze kicks in that makes it ok to sit out on our porch. Hopefully, another day or two a cool front is coming through to cool us down.


Adoro te Devote said...

I recently lost my grey, but to answer your question, I would change our routine. On hot days, I wouldn't walk my boy; just try to keep him in the AC as much as possible. He wanted to be outside, of course, but we as the humans that belong to our dogs get to make the call as to what's good for them! :-)

So in that sense, yes, the seasons do change the routine. My other dog is a German Shepherd, so not much changes for her. I don't take her out in roasting afternoons, though, either. And extreme cold..only Huskies can withstand that!

Everything Greyhounds Blog said...

That for the info.